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  • The Complete Book of Chalk Lettering: Create and Develop Your Own Style

    Hardcover - English - 9780761186113

    McKeehan, Valerie       

    Ubiquitous at boutiques and cafes, on Etsy and Pinterest, in stationery and home decor, the art of chalk lettering is hotter than ever. Valerie McKeehan, an Etsy standout whose work has been featured in magazines and websites from Good Housekeeping to, teaches us everything we ..



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  • Vern Yip's Design Wise: Your Smart Guide to a Beautiful Home

    Hardcover - English - 9780762459858

    Yip, Vern       

    Have you ever wondered exactly how high to hang your artwork? How about the light fixture over your dining table?
    Do you know how to ideally size a rug for any room, or the best way to arrange your furniture? Trusted designer Vern Yip answers ..



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  • Thinking with type: A Critical Guide for Designers, Writers, Editors, & Students

    Paperback - 2nd Edition Revised, Expand - English - 9781568989693

    Lupton, Ellen       

    Our all time best selling book is now available in a revised and expanded second edition. Thinking with Type is the definitive guide to using typography in visual communication, from the printed page to the computer screen. This revised edition includes forty-eight pages of new content, including th ..



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  • Snake Eyes: A Nicolas Cage Activity Book

    Paperback - English - 9780992886295

    Studio, Haunt Me       

    Nicolas Cage? What a guy. Whether he's kidnapping children, boosting jazzy cars or fighting brutal criminals on a plane, up in the skies - He does it in a unique style which is so, well, Cage-ian. Snake Eyes is our illustrated homage, an activity book full of puzzles, games, colouring in pages, amaz ..



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  • Yves Saint Laurent

    Hardcover - English - 9780810996083

    Chenoune, Farid       

    One of the most distinctive and influential designers of the second half of the twentieth century, Yves Saint Laurent takes his place in the pantheon of French couturiers, alongside Coco Chanel, Christian Dior, and Jeanne Lanvin. Yves Saint Laurent, the first comprehensive retrospective of hi ..



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  • Chanel: Collections and Creations

    Hardcover - English - 9780500513606

    Bott, Daniele       

    The book explores five central themes the suit, the camellia, jewelry, makeup and perfume, the little black dress and follows the threads from past to present to show how these key items have been rediscovered and reinvented by new designers. It includes many previously unpublished archive photograp ..



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  • The ABC of Custom Lettering: A Practical Guide to Drawing Letters

    Paperback - English - 9780957664975

    Castro, Ivan    Barber, Ken   

    An authoritative resource for designers, typographers, signwriters, illustrators, pinstripers, and other creative professionals
    Need to produce some flyers? Want to draw up a logo for a band? Does your local speed shop need a T-shirt design? Don't want to use the same old computer fonts? ..



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  • Patina Farm

    Hardcover - English - 9781423640462

    Giannetti, Steve    Giannetti, Brooke   

    A new farm home blending modern lines and materials with French antiques. When Brooke and Steve Giannetti decided to leave their suburban Santa Monica home to build a new life on a farm, they looked into themselves, and traveled to Belgium and France, for inspiration. Brooke's inviting prose ..



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  • The Elements of Typographic Style: Version 4.0

    Paperback - 4th Edition -20th Anniversa - English - 9780881792126

    Bringhurst, Robert       


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  • Eames: Beautiful Details

    Hardcover - English - 9781623260316

    Demetrios, Eames    Eames, Charles    Eames, Ray

    "Eames: Beautiful Details celebrates the seamlessness and fluidity in which Charles and Ray Eames operated as both a husband and wife team and as designers unrestricted by traditionally professional boundaries. Select details of their life and work, from their refined designs to their innovative exp ..



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  • Domino: Your Guide to a Stylish Home

    Hardcover - English - 9781501151873

    Editors of Domino       

    From the editors of domino magazine comes your essential guide to discovering your personal style and creating a space you love.
    Since launching in 2005, domino has attracted a fiercely loyal following, which looks to the brand as the definitive source for decorating and style. The ..



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  • Christmas at Designers' Homes Across America

    Hardcover - English - 9780764351631

    McMillan, Katharine    McMillan, Patricia   

    Almost 400 color images treat readers to dazzling holiday visions that leading designers have realized in their own homes scenes usually reserved for family and friends. Be inspired by their decorating strategies and hands-on ingenuity while gleaning insider tips for preserving trees both fresh and ..



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  • Brand Thinking and Other Noble Pursuits

    Paperback - English - 9781621532477

    Millman, Debbie    Walker, Rob   

    The notion of the brand, like any concept that dominates markets and public consciousness, is a challenge to define. Is it a simple differentiator of the cereals in our cupboards, a manipulative brainwashing tool forced on us by corporations, or a creative triumph as capable as any art form of stimu ..



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  • 1000 Chairs

    Hardcover - English - 9783836546744

    Fiell, Charlotte &. Peter       

    Chairs displayed on their own as pure form: An overview of the 20th century More than any other piece of furniture, the chair has been subjected to the wildest dreams of the designers. The particular curve of a backrest, or the twist of a leg, the angle of a seat or the color of the entire artifact ..



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  • Speculative Everything: Design, Fiction, and Social Dreaming

    Hardcover - English - 9780262019842

    Dunne, Anthony    Raby, Fiona   

    Today designers often focus on making technology easy to use, sexy, and consumable. In Speculative Everything, Anthony Dunne and Fiona Raby propose a kind of design that is used as a tool to create not only things but ideas. For them, design is a means of speculating about how things could be ..



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  • Why Fonts Matter

    Paperback - English - 9781584236313

    Hyndman, Sarah       


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  • A Celebration of Beatrix Potter: Art and Letters by More Than 30 of Today's Favorite Children's Book Illustrators

    Hardcover - English - 9780241249437

    Potter, Beatrix       

    2016 marks the 150th birthday of Beatrix Potter, making it the perfect time to pay tribute to the beloved author/illustrator with ACelebration of Beatrix Potter
    With illustrious tales of characters like Peter Rabbit, Squirrel Nutkin, and Jemima Puddle-Duck, Beatrix Potter establis ..



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  • Creative Haven Steampunk Designs Coloring Book

    Paperback - English - 9780486499192

    Noble, Marty       

    Over 30 detailed drawings depict men and women in Victorian regalia adorned with goggles, gears, antique clocks, and other artifacts of the steam-powered era. Evocative backgrounds feature moody mashups of butterflies, flowers, and stars with locomotives, hot-air balloons, Victrolas, and other machi ..



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  • Patina Style

    Hardcover - English - 9781423622536

    Giannetti, Brooke    Giannetti, Steve   

    A fresh home design style with age-old character. Patina Style celebrates the beauty that the passage of time brings to the things your life. The antique and imperfect and the slightly worn combined with natural materials and a subtle color palette create a look that is both timeless a ..



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  • Undercover

    Hardcover - English - 9780847848102

    Takahashi, Jun    Menkes, Suzy   

    The first comprehensive book on the work of Jun Takahashi of UNDERCOVER, an icon of Harajuku streetwear and the presumptive heir to the heavy mantle of Japanese deconstruction. Takahashi Jun s fashion is not born out of an excessively intellectualized agenda. While not quite populist, his generative ..



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