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  • Doodle Diary: Art Journaling for Girls

    Paperback - English - 9781423605294

    DeVries Sokol, Dawn       

    Doodle Diary is an interactive guide to doodling that teaches girls how to combine images with words and art journaling techniques. In the tradition of Keri Smith (Wreck This Journal, This Is Not a Book), Dawn DeVries Sokol has created a fun, easy artist's journal to get kids started with th ..



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  • Beautiful Oops

    Hardcover - English - 9780761157281

    Saltzberg, Barney       

    A life lesson that all parents want their children to learn: It s OK to make a mistake. In fact, hooray for mistakes A mistake is an adventure in creativity, a portal of discovery. A spill doesn t ruin a drawing not when it becomes the shape of a goofy animal. And an accidental tear in your paper? ..



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  • Spots and Dots

    Board Books - English - 9781587285943

    Two-Can Publishing Ltd       

    Designed for babies 6 weeks to 1 year, these books use high-contrast images to provide visual stimulation as babies begin to make visual connections with the world around them. These wordless picture books for the youngest readers are sure to capture the interest and attention of babies everywhere. ..



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  • No One Saw

    Paperback - English - 9780761316480

    Raczka, Bob    Raczka, Bob   


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  • Art Is...

    Paperback - English - 9780761318323

    Raczka, Bob       

    Rhyming text and photographs show that art is much more than just what can be hung on a wall or set on a pedestal. ..



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  • Undercover: One of These Things Is Almost Like the Others

    Hardcover - English - 9780714872506

    Contraire, Bastien       

    A clever and surprising approach to categorization and the art of disguiseReaders will look for the odd one out on each spread of this stylish, 64-page picture book, packed with familiar objects, stunningly depicted in duotone. This play on the analogy of shapes makes the objects lo ..



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  • The Art Book for Children

    Hardcover - English - 9780714845302

    Editors of Phaidon Press       

    "A perfect introduction to art for children everywhere, The Art Book for Children brings the clarity and innovation of Phaidon s bestselling The Art Book to our youngest readers ever. A guide to 30 great artists and their most famous works, designed for both parent and child to enjoy t ..



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  • Calligraphy for Kids

    Paperback - English - 9781402739125

    Winters, Eleanor       

    For school, for art classes, for fun: this kid-friendly guide to the art of beautiful writing will be a hit anywhere. From the tools to the techniques to the fantastic projects, everything has been chosen specifically for children. Youngsters can use special, colorful, felt-tipped pens called chisel ..



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  • Yellow Square: A Pop-Up Book for Children of All Ages

    Hardcover - English - 9781416940937

    Carter, David A.    Carter, David A.   

    First came "One Red Dot," next "Blue 2," "600 Black Spots." Yellow Square, the fourth installment of David A. Carter's acclaimed color series Modern and elegant paper engineering and text are certain to awe children of all ages
    Readers will search beatiful, modern pop-ups to discover the ..



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  • The Art Book for Children

    Hardcover - English - 9780714847061

    Editors of Phaidon Press       

    This children's edition of one of the most recognizable art books ever published includes masterpieces ranging from da Vinci's Mona Lisa to the art of Andy Warhol, facts and figures about the artists and their work, and more. Full color. ..



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  • Fine Art: Scratch and Sketch--A Cool Art Activity Book for Budding Fine Artists of All Ages

    Hardcover - English - 9780880885966

    Reynolds, Virginia    Barbas, Kerren   

    Scratch and sketch your very own collection of fine art masterpieces, using this book to copy 20 of the world's most famous paintings. Includes wood stylus for drawing on black-coated gold and silver glitter pages and rainbow pages. Extra pages for doodling. And enjoy learning about art from the inf ..



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  • Favorite Pets [With Drawing PadWith Stickers]

    Paperback - English - 9781560109488

    Winterberg, Jenna    Fisher, Diana   

    This charming book includes 11 drawing lessons, an engaging story, "reward" stickers, and a flip-down paper pad with drawing prompts. Favorite Pets features the story of Boomer, a hapless pup that takes the blame when other pets misbehave. As Boomer tries to keep out of trouble, he encounters a host ..



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  • Action Art: Hands-On Active Art Adventures

    Paperback - English - 9780935607345

    Kohl, MaryAnn F.    Zaborowski, Barbara   

    Action Art: Hands-On Active Art Adventures is A Collection of Over 100 Active Hands-On Art Experiences for Children 2-12, Full of Adventure, Movement, and Discovery.
    Over 100 action-pa ..



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  • Art for Baby: High-Contrast Images by Eleven Contemporary Artists to Explore with Your Child

    Board Books - English - 9780763644246

    Various    Various   

    A collection of fascinating black-andwhite images created by some of the world s leading modern artists. Each one has been specially selected to help babies begin to recognize pictures and connect with the world around them. This board book also includes a stunning frieze featuring all the images us ..



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  • Doodle Sketchbook: Art Journaling for Boys

    Paperback - English - 9781423620464

    DeVries Sokol, Dawn       

    A great way to get your journal jive rolling This hands-on, mess-it-up journal offers creative tips and prompts to get boys drawing, sketching, doodling, and more. It shows how to use all kinds of materials from pens, stickers, crayons, markers, and oil pastels to gel pens, glitter, Wite-Out, coll ..



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  • Matisse Dance with Joy

    Board Books - English - 9780811862882

    Rubin, Susan Goldman       

    Here in the latest addition to our contemporary art board-book series, Henri Matisse's exuberant cut-paper art leaps off the page, accompanied by simple, lyrical text sure to delight the very young. ..



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  • Paris Coloring Book

    Paperback - English - 9781623260484

    Heo, Min    Fowler, Gloria   

    The first in our new city series of children s titles celebrates everyone s favorite city in the world: Paris, the city of lights. The hardcover story book, the memory game, and the coloring book are all illustrated in a hand-drawn, colorful, graphic, and vintage style by California-based illustrato ..



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  • Infographics for Kids

    Paperback - English - 9781580897235

    Martineau, Susan    Barker, Vicky   

    Visual fluency for the digital native
    In a world of fast-moving news, unwavering digital exposure, and informational memes, kids (and adults) are bombarded with infographics. Presenting information in the form of images accompanied by minimal text, infographics convey an easily understood overv ..



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  • Children's Book of Art

    Hardcover - English - 9780756655112

    DK Publishing       

    This engaging guide takes children on an international tour of the world's greatest art, from the first daubs of paint in prehistoric caves to today's performance art. It includes all of the important art movements, from Renaissance to Rococo, as well as the great painters from all these eras. Howev ..



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  • Let's Make Some Great Art

    Paperback - English - 9781856697866

    Deuchars, Marion       

    In this interactive coloring and activity book, Marion Deuchars takes the broad canvas of art and fills it with drawings and activities that engage with what art can be, how it can be made, what it can mean for you and what it has meant for people through the ages. Aimed at children aged eight and o ..



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