Magical Realism

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  • Two Years Eight Months and Twenty-Eight Nights

    Paperback - English - 9780812988208

    Rushdie, Salman       

    NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER - NAMED ONE OF THE BEST BOOKS OF THE YEAR BY The Washington Post - Los Angeles Times - San Francisco Chronicle - Harper's Bazaar - St. Louis Post-Dispatch - The Guardian - The Kansas City Star - National Post - BookPage - Kirkus Reviews


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  • Hear the Wind Sing and Pinball

    Paperback - English - 9780804170147

    Murakami, Haruki    Goossen, Ted   

    Wind/Pinball, a unique two-in-one volume, includes, on one side, Murakami s first novelHear the Wind Sing. When you flip the book over, you can read his second novel, Pinball, 1973. Each book has its own stunning cover.
    In the spring of 1978, a ..



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  • Septimania

    Hardcover - English - 9781468312485

    Levi, Jonathan       

    On an spring afternoon in 1978 in the loft of a church outside Cambridge, England, an organ tuner named Malory loses his virginity to a dyslexic math genius named Louiza. When Louiza disappears, Malory follows her trail to Rome. There, the quest to find his love gets sidetracked when he discovers he ..



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  • Size Matters

    Paperback - English - 9781631521034

    Novak, Cathryn       

    John Frederick is a man of considerable substance, in every sense of the word. Rich, intelligent, reclusive, and very large, John Frederick lives to eat. His everyday needs are tended to by Mrs. Floyd, his house manager, and by a never-ending parade of personal chefs.
    Enter Lexie Alexander, the ..



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  • Wind/Pinball: Two Novels

    Hardcover - English - 9780385352123

    Murakami, Haruki    Goossen, Ted   


    In the spring of 1978, a young Haruki Murakami sat down at his kitchen table and began to write. The result: two remarkable short novels Hear the Wind SingandPinball, 1973 that launched the career of one of the most acclaimed authors of our time.



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  • Memory House: Memory House Collection

    Paperback - English - 9780996080361

    Crosby, Bette Lee       

    A MAGICAL LOVE STORY... Second edition, now with added content. Memory House is a place where friendship turns to love, love lasts forever, and memories outlive their owner. Ophelia Browne knows this because she's been granted the unique gift of finding and caring for those forgotten memories. But n ..



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  • Ten Nights Dreaming: And the Cat's Grave

    Paperback - English - 9780486797038

    Soseki, Natsume    Matt, Treyvaud    Emmerich, Michael

    A murderer discovers his true nature from a talking infant, a samurai is frustrated in his attempts to meditate, and a dying man bestows his hat on a friend in these surrealistic short stories. The dream-like, open-ended tales by the father of Japanese modernist literature offer thought-provoking re ..



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  • She Weeps Each Time You're Born

    Paperback - English - 9780804171304

    Barry, Quan       

    Vietnam, 1972: under a full moon, on the banks of the Song Ma River, a baby girl is pulled out of her dead mother s grave. This is Rabbit, who is born with the ability to speak with the dead. She will flee from her destroyed village with a makeshift family thrown together by war. As Rabbit channels ..



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  • The Onion Girl

    Mass Market Paperbound - English - 9780765392138

    De Lint, Charles       

    In novel after novel, and story after story, Charles de Lint has brought an entire imaginary North American city to vivid life. Newford: where magic lights dark streets; where myths walk clothed in modern shapes; where a broad cast of extraordinary and affecting people work to keep the whole world t ..



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  • Brine

    Paperback - English - 9781635050318

    Smith, Kate       


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  • Lucky Alan: And Other Stories

    Paperback - English - 9781101873663

    Lethem, Jonathan       

    A father tries to stave off a nervous breakdown when a family trip to SeaWorld shades into the sinister; a porn critic discovers that, despite his best intentions, his reputation not to mention the stacks of smut lining his apartment precedes him; an out-of-work avant-garde stage director begins to ..



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  • Damnificados

    Paperback - English - 9781629631172

    Wilson, Jj Amaworo       

    Uses magical realism, revolutionary politics, and romantic adventure to bring to life a colorful community of squatters in an imaginary Latin American city
    Damnificados is loosely based on the real-life occupation of a half-completed skyscraper in Caracas, Venezuela, the Tower of ..



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  • The Unusual Possession of Alastair Stubb: A Gothic Tale

    Paperback - English - 9781910692349

    Griffin, David John       

    The turn of the last century and Theodore Stubb s manor house resides in the quirky village of Muchmarsh. A renowned entomologist, he is often within the attic adding another exotic specimen to his extensive collection of insects. But Theodore is also a master hypnotist, holding the household in thr ..



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  • El Papa Verde

    Paperback - Spanish - 9781533069870

    Asturias, Miguel Angel       


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  • The Magic of Cape Disappointment

    Paperback - English - 9781515097884

    Manthey, Julie       


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  • The Badlings

    Paperback - English - 9780986197925

    Anske, Ksenia       

    Of all of the naughty, mischievous, disrespectful, and downright horrible things that children can be, a badling is perhaps one of the worst. Badlings abandon books without finishing them, leaving their characters sad and lonely-not to mention angry. Meet Bells, Peacock, Rusty, and Grand, four ragta ..



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  • The Helper

    Paperback - English - 9781539630661

    Snow, M. N.       

    A tale that combines contemporary, speculative fiction with an ambiguous spirituality. The book explores relationships between lovers, friends, families, and what Powers of Good there may be. John Sloan is a Marine Corps veteran with a life-long secret that is haunting him. He is a conduit to a heal ..



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  • Return to Arroyo Grande

    Paperback - English - 9781558858190

    Trevino, Jesus Salvador       


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  • Gulliver's Travels

    Paperback - English - 9781499262117

    Swift, Jonathan       

    Gulliver's Travels into several Remote Nations of The World by Jonathan Swift. Complete New Edition. Travels into Several Remote Nations of the World. In Four Parts. By Lemuel Gulliver, First a Surgeon, and then a Captain of Several Ships, better known simply as Gulliver's Travels (1726, amended 173 ..



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  • Ricki the Warlock

    Paperback - English - 9781505449334

    Levenson, Charlotte    Maguire, Matt   

    Ricki seems very much like your normal twelve year old boy except for one thing... he's a Warlock. Unbeknown to his family - who believe Ricki is just a budding magician, the story takes you on his journey from initiation to performing at the school talent show and along the way dealing with the sch ..



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