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Grow Bulbs: Essential Know-How and Expert Advice for Gardening Success
Paperback - English

Brighten your garden all year round with a wide variety of bulbs.

Winter, spring, summer or autumn -- this is the seasonal gardening guide to growing bulbs for you. If you're a beginner gardener, you'll find this gardening book filled with expert advice about when to plant, how to plant -- and even how to grow your flowers indoors incredibly useful.

Gardening success is simple when you have the right guidance! This fuss-free book about gardening shows you how to grow more than 60 bulb varieties in various conditions. Inside, you'll find:

- Practical gardening advice for first-time gardeners
- Tips on household and indoor gardening
- Jargon-free guidance on the most interesting aspects of gardening
- Ways to grow bulbs: Covering the definition of a bulb, planting bulbs, growing bulbs, lifting and storing
- Low-cost gardening advice: Finding easy plants for free
- Caring for bulbs and combating common problems, pests and diseases
Ideal for first-time gardeners, this garden book is brimming with all you need to know about planting flowers at home. If year-round color and a fresh aroma quicken your gardener's heart, then you will love planting and cultivating bulbs. Learn how to plant, care for and divide your seasonal blooms, create stunning gardening displays, including naturalistic drifts and eye-catching containers. Choose from a huge range of bulbs, corms and tubers with this gardening reference book's seasonal directory.

Grow Bulbs
explains which garden bulbs to plant now, plus how to keep them growing and happy! With practical, jargon-free know-how, this easy-to-use book has everything you need to know to help you plant and nurture selections like tulips, hyacinths, lily of the valley, freesia and peonies.

Expand your home garden through the DK Grow Series. Each book is packed with insights about growing various plants, vegetables, and fruit -- and how to keep them flourishing. Add titles like Grow Easy Veg, Grow Eco-Gardening, and Grow Pest & Diseases to your book collection.

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