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Principals as Early Learning Leaders: Effectively Supporting Our Youngest Learners
Paperback - English

The majority of public school principals are now required to supervise and evaluate early childhood teachers and classrooms, yet many do not have a sufficient understanding of child development and early childhood pedagogy to lead for equity. This practical and comprehensive resource addresses this critical gap by presenting current research on child development, an understanding of the elements of high-quality early childhood classrooms, essential information on trauma-responsive practices, and strategies for reducing bias and preventing the use of exclusionary discipline with young children. School leaders learn about the pivotal role they can play in improving equity for young children, their families, and the early childhood workforce. Each chapter includes key takeaways and central questions that can be used for individual reflection or to guide group discussions. Authentic examples, illustrations, and actionable strategies help readers to successfully implement the content in their school. Principals as Early Learning Leaders is essential reading for principals, vice principals, administrators, and others responsible for leading preschool and pre-K programs for equity.

Book Features:

  • Supports elementary school principals to better understand the role early education plays in their school.
  • Addresses essential issues of equity in all aspects of early learning programs that require focus and leadership.
  • Provides current research and practical strategies that principals can put into practice immediately to be effective instructional leaders.
  • Uses authentic examples and vignettes throughout to help readers see the ideas in the context of real preschool classrooms.
  • Includes reflection questions and key takeaways to help principals think about how the information presented can inform the work they do.
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Maniates, Helen
Helen Maniates, Betty Doerr and Margaret Golden are teachers and teacher educators with Educator Consultation and Resources (ECR) in Corte Madera, California. For more than seventeen years, ECR has worked with teachers to develop classroom practices that help students reach their potential in urban classrooms throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. They are currently working with teachers to implement effective literacy practices in urban schools.

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