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Hacking Engagement Again: 50 Teacher Tools That Will Make Students Love Your Class
Paperback - English

50 Student Engagement Hacks just weren't enough
33-year veteran classroom teacher, James Alan Sturtevant, wowed teachers with the original Hacking Engagement, which contained 50 Tips and Tools to Engage Teachers and Learners Daily. Those educators and students got better, but they craved more. So, 33-year veteran classroom teacher and wildly popular student engager Sturtevant is Hacking Engagement Again

Fifty Teacher Tips that make students love your class
The first step to real academic achievement is inspiring a love of learning, and the best way to accomplish this is to get students to love your class and your teaching. But rolling out worksheets and multiple-choice quizzes is a recipe for failure, so how do you engage students without these traditional tools? The answer is surprisingly simple: Dig into Hacking Engagement Again and grab 50 tools and strategies, good for any class on any day, and watch your students' light up.

Hacks that make students love your class:

  1. Feng Shui Your Students
  2. Fascinate with the First Five
  3. Give Students Virtually No Instructions
  4. Apply the You Y'all We Template
  5. Dangle a Dilemma
  6. Inspire 100% Participation in Your Next Class Discussion
  7. Shove Your Next Class Discussion On to the Twittersphere
  8. Pull Up a Philosophical Chair
  9. Morph Student Identities
  10. Detonate the Boring Guest Speaker Template
  11. Teleport Your Students Back to the 1970s
  12. Transform Tedious Test Review
  13. Tease Out a Taskmaster with Google Calendar
  14. Encourage Students to Sneak Out of Your Room
  15. Find the Elusive Spark
  16. Issue the 1,000 Pushup Challenge
  17. Reboot with Kahoot
  18. Navigate the Rolling Seas of Controversial Topics
  19. Rebel Against the Bell ... and 31 more teacher tips and strategies that will engage your students like never before and make them love you and your class

Experts rave about Hacking Engagement Again

"Hacking Engagement Again provides readers with a ton of ideas, strategies, and resources that move students from on-task to engaged. Looking to tap into student's use of smartphones in a classroom activity? This book is for you. Do you want to leverage the power of Twitter and Socratic Seminar to move conversations from good to great? This book is for you. James Alan Sturtevant provides a well thought out game plan for highly engaging learning experiences in both the physical and virtual worlds."

-Brad Currie, 2017 NASSP National Assistant Principal of the YearAre you ready every student to love your class?
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