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Saving the Trees
Paperback - English

Mother Earth is undergoing an environmental upheaval never seen before. The unprecedented number of people bearing down on earth have greatly affected the environment of the planet. Whether we are rich or poor, developed or underdeveloped nations, we are all together for better or for worse for the health of this planet. Of all the problems besieging the planet, the rampant deforestation is probably the single most important problem we face today. The ecological problems directly and indirectly connected with deforestation are numerous and require immediate remedies. Global warming and loss of biodiversity are two problems of universal ramification for mankind that need to be resolved if mankind is to continue to exist for the next thousand years. After air, water, and food, trees are the most important natural resources that mankind need. It is also one of the most important renewable resources that will serve mankind for eons if we only learn to respect the role they play in our lives. Since men first walked on the planet, he was surrounded by trees with all their food and wildlife for his benefit. For centuries, it has provided mankind with all the survival kits necessary for him to survive the harsh climate. With so much of our forests lost to human needs and greed, it is necessary for us to change the way we look at the trees. In this book, I have tried to set down the many causes of deforestation and howto minimize the problems. The first part of the book from Chapters 1 to 10 have to do with the importance of the forests relative to our existence. As much as possible examples of the numerous causes are cited and from time to time, a solution is suggested. The second part from Chapters 11 to 19 has to do mainly with the many uses of trees and forest products and the ways and means of I reducing deforestation and improving the forest stands for the future. The concluding chapter 20 is used to summarize in a nutshell all the suggested things we can and should do if we are going the protect the environ- ment we have borrowed from those who will inherit from us.

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