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Bayes Theorem Examples: The Beginner's Guide to Understanding Bayes Theorem and
Paperback - English

Discover how to use Bayes' Theorem for real world applications like weather prediction, criminal investigation, blackjack games, and countless others Picture this...

You've been feeling sick for a couple days. You have a job interview on Thursday. Today is Monday, and you want to make sure you're healthy by Thursday...but you can't afford the time or cost of seeing a doctor before then. What are the odds of being up and running by Thursday? Do they get better if you've just started a new health kick? Or do they stay the same?

Or perhaps...

...you notice your good ol' dog Spike walking clumsily and think he may be going blind. However you can't take him to a vet immediately...but you still want to know what the odds are that something's wrong with his eyes. So how do you determine this?

These questions and countless others can be better answered when you apply Bayes' Theorem.

To simplify it, Bayes' Theorem is the method by which you use to determine the probability of an event based on conditions that may be related to an event. So if you want to determine if your dog is sick and you know his breed is a golden retriever...well you could possibly use that information to assess the likely odds of him being sick

In this guide you'll see example after example of Bayes' Theorem being put into practice. You'll also see how each conclusion is arrived at with summation notation and basic equations.

BUT...the purpose of this book isn't just to throw equations at you. It's to help you get an intuitive feel for the probability of an outcome without having to plug in all the numbers.

I made sure this book wasn't filled with too much jargon or advanced notation. In fact, this book can be used if... 1.You're just a lay person interested in learning how to "predict" the chances of events and gain deeper insight to the world around us 2.You're a student who needs to learn about Bayes' Theorem quickly and easily 3.You're a teacher or educator looking to advance or brush up on your existing knowledge of Bayes' Theorem

I encourage you to download 'Bayes Theorem' so you can make more informed approximations of how events will play out.

Plus, when you download "Bayes Theorem", you'll also discover:

  • How to solve unobvious questions
  • How to do your own genetic testing (find out if you're more prone to certain types of ailments)
  • Why a smoker and non-smoker may have equal chances of developing chronic bronchitis
  • How companies can use Bayes' Theorem to manipulate and spew propaganda
  • What the chances are of someone becoming addicted to pills
  • How to determine if a suspected criminal is more likely innocent or guilty
  • The proper mathematical equations and notation to use-and guided explanations of each

So download 'Bayes Theorem' today and enhance your statistical knowledge on the world and how things work

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