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Adobe Photoshop for Beginners: How to Create Simple Drawings and Forms
Paperback - English

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Drawing is probably one of the oldest forms of art in human history. Humans have been drawing pictures since some ancient man drew something on the ground or on the walls of his cave. These images were representations of their life. The very first drawings may have been drawn using a stick or a rock. Their canvas: the walls of the cave they dwell in. There are many examples of cave paintings portraying animals and humans. Some also show the activities of these ancient humans.

The pictures we have drawn have evolved along with the human brain. As the brain grew more sophisticated, so did the drawings and pictures. Some became more realistic; showing what the artist sees in reality. Others tried to draw and paint the emotions they have. There have been scores of great painters in history. They have created wonderful, awe-inspiring, and truly magnificent works of art.

As time moved forward, technology developed and progressed. So, too, did the tools and mediums that were used for drawing. Humans progressed from traditional paints and canvas to one of this age's most powerful tools: the computer. The rise of digital art brought about by the development of computers. Artists all over the world now have a new medium for creating their paintings. Computers allowed a wider range of colors and styles for painting. It also had a key feature: the 'undo' action. This action is used for correcting mistakes or make changes in the work.

While there are many programs and tools available for artists to use, one of the most popular digital painting tools is Adobe Photoshop. This book may be a great help, especially for beginners, in creating basic shapes and drawings and to familiarize him with the program.

What you'll learn:

- Learning the Basics of Photoshop

- Basic Principles in Creating 3D Images for Beginners

- Basic Shapes (circle, rectangle, cylinder, hexagon)

- Simple Shading Tricks

- Creating Human Portrait using Adobe Photoshop

- Some Examples of Human Portrait (standing man, sitting woman)

- Creating Animal Portrait using Adobe Photoshop

- Some Examples of Animal Portrait (running cheetah, bug, dinosaur)

- Important Tricks and Reminders in Creating Images using Adobe Photoshop

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