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Run from Easy
Paperback - English

Have you ever sat at your desk in a 9-5 job, stressed out, and thought...why am I here?

You then think to yourself, "I'm here because I need this job to pay the bills and provide for my family and I'.

The realisation may seem justified yet for some reason, it makes you feel trapped; trapped by the need of having to provide for yourself and others and unable to leave the job if you wanted to, whenever you wanted to. There's a nagging at the back of your head that you can't quite put words to.

Now more than ever, people are dreading leaving their working from home station to return to the long daily commute and face a workplace full of toxicity and bad business culture.

What if there was a way to fulfil your responsibility to provide while ending the dependance on the system we have created; a way to leave the toxic rat race of business culture today and reconnect with the outdoors while relearning the hands-on skills that got humanity to this point? Imagine escaping the need for everything to be cushy and convenient in your life and choosing another path, one more rewarding in the long run that frees you from over-dependence on everyone and everything else.

What is the solution? I believe that the path of self sufficiency is the key! Self-sufficiency or homesteading will enable you to move away from the consumer convenience culture we live in today and can free you from over-dependance on the system. It can help all of us regain our touch with the great outdoors and teach us to relearn and grow vital survival skills that will no doubt put anybody in good stead for any political upheaval, pandemic or a wartime apocalyptic scenario. This book will show you what you need to begin your journey in self sufficiency and how to analyse your life and see where bills can be reduced and swapped out for self-sufficient money-generating/saving activities.

In this book, we will cover seven main areas of self sufficiency:

  1. The beginner's guide to start vegetable gardening and growing your own vegetables, no matter the size of garden or living situation you are in.
  2. How to become independent in your consumption of meat, dairy, and production of other baked goods and items such as cheese and honey.
  3. Preserving and storing the food you produce for long term use ensuring you have food all year round.
  4. Reducing your electricity and heating bills while learning the ways you can generate your own electricity at home and even create supplementary income toward your lifestyle.
  5. Is it possible to live without water? No. But I will show you ways you can be independent in your water collection and efficient in the water you use, so we can bring that water bill right down to zero.
  6. How are you going to make compost for your new garden and how will you handle your waste situation if you are no longer relying on tap water. In chapter six, we talk about the messy, but necessary parts of self-sufficiency.
  7. To become someone who is truly independent, it's all about learning new skills and willing to get your hands dirty. I will discuss the tools you need to get started, the skills which you would do well to learn as well as give you some DIY projects that will help you get started on your journey.

Take hold again of your choice. Don't stay in a toxic job you hate just to pay the bills. Let the reason you work a 9-5 job be because you love it and enjoy doing it. Let it be your choice to be there not a necessity driven by bills and the need to put food on the table. Join me as I show you how to get started in independence and self-sufficiency.

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