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Teaming With Life: How to Grow Your Own Tea at Home in Any Climate and 40 Food & Drink Recipes For Tea
Paperback - English

Would you consider yourself a bit of a tea addict? Do you drink more than 2 or 3 cups of tea a day? Join the club! All you big tea drinkers out there, get ready for your next tea adventure. Welcome to the world where self-sufficiency & gardening, meet tea.

Who is this book for?

  1. For you tea lovers out there looking for a fresh adventure but have never grown anything before. All beginners are welcome! This step-by-step guide is ideal for you and will guide you through the basics. You will also learn so much about tea that you never knew before.
  2. For all you vegetable and herb growers out there looking to add tea plants to your plant repertoire. Tea often partners well with many herbs as herbs & tea are often combined to create flavored teas and blends.
  3. For all you entrepreneurs out there looking to potentially start your own specialty tea brand. This is the place to get started not only in understanding tea theory, but in how to get growing, experimenting, & creating your very own special blend.
  4. And finally, for those of you looking to save a bit of money on your hefty monthly tea bill by growing your own. Save your money and the environment while you are at it. It's a win-win.

Big garden or small, or none at all, this book will show you how to grow tea inside, outside, in pots, or in-ground, in any and every climate. Even if you aren't one of the 4 people above, you likely know someone who fits the bill. This book is a perfect gift for the adventurous grower or avid tea drinker.

What will you be guaranteed to learn in this book?

  1. What is and isn't tea and the 6 major types of tea. We look at the various plants used in caffeinated and non-caffeinated herbal infusions and fruit infusions too.
  2. What makes quality tea beyond flavour and aroma? You will learn how to assess the 6 other ways of gauging a good quality tea prior to purchase looking at Region, Cultivar, Leaf Size, Processing Method, Tea Grade, and the Harvesting Flush.
  3. Tired of the teas available to you? Take a trip with me across the 7 continents as I delve into the teas, blends, and infusions from around the world to whet your appetite and expand your tea tasting experience.
  4. Next, we come to growing your own tea in your own back garden. Didn't think it was possible? I will walk you through the process step by step and show you how to grow from seed, cutting, seedling, or from a pre-purchased plant.
  5. You will learn how to maintain and prune your new tea plants to make them fruitful and bountiful bushes that provide you with as much tea as your needs require.
  6. I will then show you the methods for the home processing of the 6 major types of tea at home with no specialized equipment.
  7. Learn how to make decaffeinated tea at home with no special equipment or chemicals. The home method detailed in this book will show you how to remove 83% of caffeine with no specialist equipment.
  8. Once you've processed your tea leaves you will need to store them. After decaf tea, I talk briefly about storage.
  9. Protecting your plant is key. We will look at the major tea pests and diseases and countermeasures leaning heavily on organic and non-chemical-based deterrents where they are required, to protect your soil and local ecology.
  10. Discover how to do basic cultivation between your tea plants at home to grow tea seeds with characteristics from the mother and father plant.
  11. Finally, try the 40 food & drink recipes you can do at home using your own home-grown tea or any other tea in your cupboards. This will ensure your tea does not go to waste and will expand your use of tea even further.

Join me on this journey together as I give you a kickstart into the world of tea growing and cultivation.

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