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Gardening For Beginners: WHAT TO GROW TODAY? - Basic Gardening Tips To Growing Vegetables, Hydroponics, Mini Farming, Hydropopnics, and Herb Ga
Paperback - English

Have you ever wanted to get started with a hobby in gardening, but you weren't sure where to begin? Do you think that you don't have to space to create a beautiful garden, or are you afraid you don't live in the right environment for it? Good news Everyone can garden, no matter where they live, or the size of their available space, and Gardening can show you how This revolutionary book walks you through the basics of botany that you'll need for every type of gardening and then breaks down into four separate sections on:

Traditional Vegetable Gardening

Raised Bed Gardening

Urban Gardening

Greenhouse Gardening

In This Book You Will Learn:

✓ On Basic Botany and Being a Gardener

✓ The Four Elements of Basic Botany

✓ Traditional Vegetable Gardening

✓ Designing and Building a Traditional Garden

✓ Choosing Seeds and Plants for Beginners and Novices

✓ Planting and Maintenance

✓ Sowing and Transplanting

✓ Troubleshooting Weeds, Pests, and Disease

✓ How to prevent and treat insect and pathogen problems

✓ How to use crop rotation, vertical gardening, and succession planting to maximize space

✓ How to harvest food and flowers for use in the home

✓ How to use companion planting for the benefit of your garden

✓ How to attract beneficial insects and other organisms to your plants and soil

✓ How to keep a garden journal to record your activities for future planning

And much more

So if you're ready to open your eyes to a whole new perspective on gardening and the natural world, you need to open up Gardening, today. If you want to learn the whys and the hows of being a great gardener, then this is the book for you. What are you waiting for? The joys, challenges, and rewards of having an amazing garden are right at your fingertips, so get your copy and see for yourself how incredible Gardening can be.

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