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Greenhouse Gardening: How To Grow Amazingly Beautiful Greenhouse Plants To Die For (Organic Gardening, Vegetable Gardening, Hydroponics, Min
By Clay, Eva        
Paperback - English

Greenhouse gardening is a unique hobby that can produce stunning results for any level of gardener. Having a greenhouse means that you don't have to abide by some of the 'rules' of regular gardening because you can use a greenhouse to garden year-round and grow things that might not be considered common for your area. Although having a greenhouse can mean that you also have some additional maintenance chores, it's a rewarding undertaking for all those that attempt it.

Greenhouse gardening is a big commitment, because not only do you have to take care of the plants inside, you also need to take care of the structure itself. Take care to check your building for any structural damage, especially after storms. Replace any cracked glass or plexiglass as soon as you can, and if you've got a plastic greenhouse, look for any tears in the sheeting. By taking care of small issues before they become big ones, you'll save yourself lots of time, money, and frustration.

In This Book You Will Learn:

✓ How to read plant tags and seed labels

✓ How to choose, till, install, and maintain healthy soil

✓ Siting and Building an Affordable Greenhouse

✓ Plant Varieties for Greenhouses and Hothouses

✓VTips and Techniques for Easy Maintenance

✓ Crop Rotation for Year-Round Growing

✓ Structural Upkeep for Long-term Use

✓ How to design and build the garden that fits your space and funds

✓ How to find tools and materials without blowing your whole budget

✓ How to plant, water, and maintain any size or type of garden

✓ Easy Planting and Maintenance Techniques

✓ How to prevent and treat insect and pathogen problems


✓ Designing and Building a Traditional Garden

✓ How to use companion planting for the benefit of your garden

✓ How to attract beneficial insects and other organisms to your plants and soil

✓ How to keep a garden journal to record your activities for future planning

✓ How to harvest food and flowers for use in the home

✓ Fertilizer and Compost for Optimum Growth

✓ Maximize Space with Vertical Growing

✓ Harvesting and Overwintering

✓ On Basic Botany and Being a Gardener

And much more

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