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Pottery Book for Beginners: An Instruction Guide for Potters to Sculpt Wheel Thrown and Handbuilding Ceramic Projects With Tips, Techniques and Po
By Marsh, Wade        
Hardcover - English

Your Go-To Beginner Guide In The Art of Making Pottery Crafts

Pottery is a huge theme that revolves around a naturally derived organic matter called clay. It is one craft that has served many purposes, from the formation of earthen vessels to the very ceramic plates, cups and pots used in our homes and so much more. Pottery began right when the early men dominated the world, and since then, several techniques and processes have been introduced into the art, making it much more fun and seamless than before.

At first, being a potter might be a walk in the park, but studies reveal that nine out of every ten pottery crafts made ended up collapsing. Sometimes, the structures become too thin and then crumble. Other times, the walls could have absorbed more moisture than necessary, resulting in weak walls. Another prevalent issue is the pottery being unable to serve the function for which it was created. So, it ends up becoming more of an ornate piece.

These issues are some of the factors responsible for the complexity of pottery making. That is why this book, Pottery Book for Beginners, was written to provide you with top-level information to ensure your pottery craft comes out just as intended. With this book in your possession, you are on your way to becoming a successful potter in no time.

Below are some of the highlights covered in this book;

  • Pottery-making terminologies to help you get familiar with pottery technicalities.
  • The health benefits of making pottery crafts.
  • The processes involved in making pottery crafts.
  • An understanding of the tools, supplies, and equipment needed to make your pottery craft.
  • Pottery wheel and hand-building pottery-making techniques you can employ when crafting a pottery piece.
  • How to properly set up your pottery studio.
  • Safety guidelines to adhere to when crafting your pottery piece.
  • 10 pottery-making projects you can start with as a beginner with step-by-step instructions and graphical illustration.

And so much more!

So, what then are you waiting for? Kickstart your pottery-making journey RIGHT NOW by getting a copy of this book

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