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By Bloom, Joy        
Paperback - English

Looking for A Beautiful Garden Full Of Bloom this Year & Beyond? If so this stunning gardening prompt journal to keep & maintain the most beautiful garden. It will help you grow & flourish the most beautiful bloom in your neighborhood.

Journaling is a part of the successful gardening process because you need to write and log specific gardening data daily. Data like your plant names, dates planted, water requirements, sunlight, seeds, transplants, dates, events, notes, outcomes, use, purchased at and prices. Jotting down all these data points in an organized and daily fashion and acting upon it will greatly determine the success with your garden.

The journal with writing prompts for gardeners method offers an effortless, easy and quick system for organizing your notes related to your gardening experience. Just take it with you each time you are working in your garden so you can jot down your gardening data. You will benefit from this organizational jot down journal no matter if you are a beginner or an advanced gardener.

Here is how "The Gardening Girl", Joy Bloom, the author who is writing these journals & notebooks for Infinitely Publishing is using these types of garden journals to get the maximum out of her garden experience.

"Everywhere that I go to my garden, my gardening prompt journal goes with me. A tiny thing, but powerful Another advantage of a small journal book like this is that it fits into any of my pockets."

Instead of writing out long, complicated & boring gardening stories into a so-called diary on a daily basis, you just use the easier version of a prompt diary which is a journal that includes prompts to organize anything you so desire to write about. Things like temperature, light, water supply, prices of supplies, and so on. It is a less structured & more creative and fun process.

Once you start achieving your daily prompt goals then you can replicate the entire process all over again if you slip back into lazy and unproductive mode. You will see that this process also helps your creativity, inspiration, and your sanity because it also helps de-stress and keep your mind at peace & zen.

You can also lend this prompt journal to your friends & family members replicating your success

Customers of Infinitely are applying a daily gardening journaling ritual to become a better, more experienced, excited, resourceful, inspired & creative gardener.

They are recording their successes in a prompted journal just like this one. They also are developing a passion for keeping a daily journal, notebook, diary, planner, blank cookbooks, diaries, calendars, planners & more for other related lifestyle goals, hobbies & activities.

This gardening journal that you are about to invest in is an exact replica of what successful gardeners are using with joy on a daily basis to write down their thoughts.

- Design on front

- Can Be Uses As A Decorative & Functional Gardening Planner & Logbook

- Unique Gift for Garden Lovers or themed Holiday Party

- Professionally designed matte paperback cover

- Dimensions: 6" x 9", 130 Pages


Plant Name

Water Requirement



Date, Event

Date Planted





Purchased at


Seeds Date Planted

Weekly Planner for Tasks

Expenses Accountability


Please visit the Infinitely author page to see our full range of stunningly professional designed journals, planners, notebooks, blank cookbooks, agendas, diaries, coloring books & quiz books.

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