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Montessori Toddler: The Complete Guide to Growing, Educating, and Stimulating Your Child's Absorbing Mind. 100 Montessori Activities Expla
Paperback - English

Would you like to ensure the best possible education for your child especially in the first months and years of life? Would you like to adopt all useful tools to stimulate learning and the development of his or her personality?

The solution to your questions is undoubtedly the "Montessori Method."
I know, raising a child is a wonderful experience but, it is definitely NOT SIMPLE. Your child's abilities, aptitudes and potential can develop in the very first months and years of life. It all depends on you.

  • How to harness the potential of the absorbing mind?
  • How to prepare an optimal environment for your child (from choosing a crib, to the best lights to use)?
  • What are the best toys and materials to choose as your little one grows?

And above all, an absolutely not to be underestimated aspect, WHAT ARE THE MOST GRAVE ERRORS TO AVOID. In fact, adopting one method over another could impair the natural development of your baby's abilities.

Of this, however, you need not worry. Thanks to the concrete notions in this Book you will be able to apply the fantastic "Montessori Method" directly at home quickly and easily.

I will leave you with a smattering of what you will find inside:

  • The fundamental principles on which the Montessori Method is based.
  • The 8 important stages of your child's development that you absolutely must know (you will definitely recognize which stage yours is in, it's all extremely intuitive).
  • How to understand your child's 4 psychic periods so that you can accompany him/her more smoothly in his/her growth.
  • What the most important primary needs are month by month.
  • Valuable tips on how to handle crying and tantrums.

And last but not least:

  • BONUS: 100 Montessori Activities to practice at home in a fun way with step-by-step illustrated explanation.

You may think there's too much to learn about this method or that you'll end up failing excellently at applying it. But let me tell you something: sometimes all it takes is a few little tips to turn things around. You don't have to become a model mom. That's why YOU WILL NOT FIND simple philosophical speeches and useless conceptual lists in this Book, but concrete and in-depth insights to raise your child in the best way!

Don't waste any more time! Order your copy, learn and apply the teachings!

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