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Punch Needle: Beginner + Intermediate Guide to Punch Needle Embroidery: Punch Needling Compendium for Beginner and Intermediate Embr
Paperback - English

Discover a powerful way to make punch needle creations

Do you have the bug to punch needle but don't know where to start?

Do you want to level up your punch needle skills?

Do you find it difficult and expensive to find punch needling tools and supplies in your area?

Do you feel ready to share and sell your crafts, and can't find an outlet to do so?

Start your punch needle adventure today while saving your time and money, by using our step-by-step guide

This book also make a great present for someone who likes trying different crafts.

Note: This book has 2 parts

Part 1: Punch Needle for Beginners: Make Your First Punch Needle Project in 5 Simple Steps

Part 2: Intermediate Guide to Punch Needle: What Every Punch Needle Artist Needs to Know to Get Better

Inside this book you'll discover:

  • 10 punch needle embroidery projects perfect for beginners
  • How to dye your own wool in 6 steps, without messing up the exact color you want
  • 4 simple tips to improve your punch needle skills NOW
  • How to make your own punch needle in just 6 steps
  • Top 3 suppliers of punch needle tools and materials, that sell quality goods for the best prices
  • How to start punch needle rug hooking with 3 different projects
  • The top website to sell your creations for top prices
  • How to make floral and abstract designs in 6 steps
  • It won't take long to ace, as this is one of the most straightforward crafts to pick up - all you need is your hands, a ball of yarn, some fabric, and a punch needle.

    So once you have mastered the basics, you can begin to design your own creations... the possibilities are endless.

    Here are the answers to some questions you might have about this book:

    Q: I don't have a lot of time (or patience) to invest into learning a new craft. Is punch needle easy to learn and get started with?

    A: Punch needle is known to be one of the most beginner friendly crafts to learn.

    You can pick up a punch needle and complete a project in less than 60 minutes, with no prior skill needed

    Q: Punch needle supplies are hard to come by in my area. If i try to get them from somewhere else, my budget is overrun very quickly. Are the tools inside your book easy and cheap to get?

    A: While certain tools like the punch needle are specialised, we have a list of the only 5 tools that you need to get started. We also have a section that teaches you how to make your own punch needle.

    So even if you don't have access to a punch needle, you can still get started on your punch needle journey

    Q: I feel like I have too many hobbies and not enough time. How quickly can I pickup the skills needed to be an intermediate level punch needling artist?

    A: You can become better inside of 60 seconds by applying my simple, short yet highly effective 'hacks' to get better at punch needle.

    Satisfy your bug to punch needle today.

    Every day you delay is another day you spend scratching your head trying to find supplies and putting off your desire to learn punch needling.

    Grab your punch needle and take action now...

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