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Raising Goats and Chickens Handbook: A Holistic Self-Guided Backyard Homesteading Approach to Raising Happy and Healthy Chickens and Goats Naturally (
Paperback - English

From the author of Goats are Not Fools, Raising Healthy Goats, Goat Keeping Made For You, The Goat Husbandry Handbook, The Foundation of Raising Healthy Chickens presents a 2-in-1 special bundle offer to customers who want an economic piece that comprises significant extracts of the five books above. This special bundle package is an exclusive package designed to equip you with the adequate knowledge required to help you raise and maintain your own backyard healthy goats and chickens.

Section One (The Goat Husbandry Handbook): Content Summary

  • History and background of goats
  • Interesting facts about goats
  • Common mistakes that first-time goat owners make
  • Tips for buying healthy goats
  • Goats health and nutrition
  • Routine goats care such as deworming, dehorning, tattooing, castration, and many more
  • Other DIY projects related to goat keeping, and other related search terms such as;
  • Kids treat supplies

Section Two (The Foundation of Raising Healthy Chickens): Content Summary

  • The history, biological classification, and physiological aspect of chickens
  • Interesting facts about chickens that no one ever told you
  • Benefits of raising chickens
  • Environmental factors that could affect productivity and how to address them
  • The legal requirements for keeping chickens in urban and rural areas
  • Breed selection consideration and advice + buying tips (buying a registered goat and its importance -A comprehensive list of several breeds of chickens and what they are suited for
  • Cost analysis of setting up a flock of chickens
  • Tips to help you protect your chickens from predators
  • Frequently asked questions on chicken farming and best responses
  • Coop design and construction tips-Nutritional requirements and how to make your own chicken feed
  • Making money with chickens

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