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Microgreens: The Complete Guide of Growing Microgreens, with Urban Gardening Techniques and Tips for Soil Culture and Hydroponics
Paperback - English

Microgreens Have you already heard of microgreens? If so, do you want to know more?
Would you like to get inside this wonderful new world, of growing delicious and highly nutrient mini vegetables?
More than this, do you want to start a business of your own?

Then, here you will find all the information you need

It would be fair to say that growing microgreens is now a way of life for many people, all over the world. There are several ways and systems to grow our mini veggies, even in the smallest places. Not everyone benefits from large spaces to live in, but all of us can make the most of it, to grow something as useful and tasty as microgreens
One of the most popular trends now, and for good reasons Besides great taste, those mini veggies ensure the nutrients that we need every day, and helps us prevent several chronic diseases.
There are different ways to eat them: raw, steamed, or stir fried. Fresh is vital though Cooked microgreens lose most of their nutrient properties.
Here is what you will find in the Microgreens book:

  • What are microgreens?
  • What to plant and where to plant?
  • What does it take to grow them?
  • The most popular microgreens.
  • How to get into business?
  • What growing system to use for better results.
  • Hydroponics, vertical and soil based culture for microgreens
...and much more

Do you still have doubts about it? You shouldn't Because this book is written for everyone, from children to the elderly. With this guide you will achieve your goals
It is a book that contains all the information needed to start growing microgreens, but it's different because you will not find unusual terms inside, you will understand every word of every page.
Take a break from the strange definitions that you struggle to understand. Scroll down the page, press the buy button and begin this pleasant journey toward a healthier life

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