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Vertical Gardening: A Step-by-Step Guide to Container Gardening with Original Ideas for Your Green Project
Paperback - English

Are you sick and tired of living in small places with no touch of green around you?

Do you like nature? Would you like to be surrounded by beautiful veggies and fruits all year long?

Would you like to get your hands dirty, make your apartment welcoming, and grow your favorite vegetables in original containers?

Then you have to keep reading because I have a new guide for you

Why? Because this book will give the right input in creating something entirely original and most satisfying. With a bit of imagination, no experience at all, and self-made containers, you will achieve the ultimate green project in less than a week

"VERTICAL GARDENING"- The new guide to container gardening, with tips and secrets that no one will tell you about a perfect garden. The best ways to obtain your seeds, to use discarded stuff for trendy and breathtaking plant containers, and ways to tend your plants ecologically

Many people deal with minimalist spaces nowadays, but the important aspect is doing something about it. Take a stand and use your limited space to grow something that you like eating

Here it is what you will find inside the book:

-Why to start vertical gardening

-The step-by-step guide to obtaining good crops

-What containers you can craft for your urban garden

-Some natural remedies you can use to fight off pests and diseases

-Which are the essential aspects of tending your vertical garden

-What vegetables, fruits, and herbs are best suited for your home

-...and much more

Are you still wondering about it?

Don't worry With some will, good advice, and plenty of imagination, you will get your project done in no time

Don't waste more time Scroll down the page, click on "Buy Now" and start growing delicious vegetables, fruits, and herbs

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